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A tutorial documentary on the hash house harriers, a drinking club with a running problem. Created by Sean Baello and George Boe.

Hulu Langat Hash House.
Saturday 24 July 2010
at Bandar Technology Kajang

HLH4 held a 'Preamble" to treat our Guests from Indonesia, Sabah, and Sarawak who had checked in two days earlier. No run, just drink, eat, drink and party at our GM, King Kong's place. Many participating GMs also accepted our invitation to party and count down to our Sweet 17 celebration.

The next day was a great and beautiful day as the hashers arrived at the runsite. Everything went smoothly, the 5 buses ferrying some 200 hashers for the B to A 'Long' run left on time. The Long Run FRB was out in an hour and a half. The old farts, the walkers and the medium distance runners were also 'flagged' off on time.

However, its never called a Hash event IF everything goes as planned. The pre-run lunch was delayed by about 10 mins. Some food stations had long queues for second helpings. More crates had to be carried from the beer truck as the quota run out. The headache for some in deciding which of the 2 freebie Ts to wear.

It was also an occasion to honor one member, the one who co-founded the 1st Hash chapter in Kajang. Iqbal 'Long John Silver' is also to be blamed for the cause of some 9 chapters in Kajang.
Now it is time to Thank:

The Hash Fraternity of Malaysia mourned the loss of a hash icon, Guinness Khoo on 26 July 2010. These pictures were taken at his wake on 27 July 2010.

The 2010 Edition of the Royal Selangor Club Merdeka Pub Crawl Run on Aug 27th 2010.

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