Brussels Interhash 2014

Dear Brussels 2014 supporters,

I'm delighted to report we have now well over 1,000 committed hashers onboard! But there's more...

* Pre-registered list on-line

Check the News section on our website  to find out who has joined the bandwagon so far.

The list published is sorted by country and not in real-time mode. It will be updated around the 15th of each month from now on until the end of the year when our pledge offer terminates.

Next sales locations are Washington DC (DC Red Dress Run), Savannah (InterAmerica), Hirano (Japan Nash Hash), Luang Prabang (Mekong Indochina), Colombo (South Asia InterHash), Genting Highlands (Klang 30th Anniversary), Bandung (PanAsia) and Singapore.

* Trails status

We initially shortlisted 60 potential run areas in and around Brussels and are now busy recceing/vetting the Top 30.

We are looking for visiting kennels interested in haring one of these trails. Requirements are to provide 6 good hares from the same kennel/area who will commit to recce and lay the assigned trail together with a Brussels-based hasher.

If you want to volunteer your group and take the leadership please send a message to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* Supporting events status

We are also looking for kennels willing to organise a pre- or post-ramble on their own turf within the two weeks before or after Brussels 2014 (25-27 July). We don't need a firm commitment at this stage, just a show of interest.

If your kennel is keen on entertaining visiting hashers the world over and ready to roll-up their sleeves please share your idea with us by sending a message to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* Brussels 2014 a Stray Dog-free zone

We received many querries re. recent e-mails from Stray Dog proclaiming first that the real InterHash 2012 is in Mombasa, Kenya instead of Jogjakarta, Indonesia then advertising a new yearly World InterHash with a 2012 edition in Orlando, USA. I will not waste your time further on this subject, just be aware it's all bullsh*t and Stray Dog has neither authority nor support whatsoever.

The World InterHash 2012 remains in Jogjakarta - where the vote for World InterHash 2014 will take place - with The Great Hash Migration in Mombasa as a pre-ramble. Two big events on two continents worth attending if you can afford the time and airline fare. The next World InterHash will be taking place in 2014 and will be hosted by either Brussels, Fiji or Hainan. Good luck to all candidates!

* Brussels 2014 ... regardless

Just confirming what you should have heard already: the Brussels 2014 event will take place in the midst of European summer whether we win the bid for the World InterHash or not. We have enough serious interest already to make it the biggest European hash event of the decade.

So tell your hash buddies to mark their agenda and wet their appetite for Belgian beers, Belgian chocolate, European wines and a food fest.

On On to InterAmerica!
Higgins, Brussels 2014 Chairman

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