A Tribute to Uncle Looi

Uncle Looi, was the oldest active hasher in Malaysia until his departure to Hash Heaven. I have known Uncle Looi for a long long time and have never considered his age when meeting up with him. To me he was forever young and age was not a factor if you had seen him bare bodied completing runs which I SCB although he was some years older. He epitomise a true blue HASHMAN, actively participating in celebration runs near and far and always with a cheerful laugh and a loving word to those he met. We miss you Uncle Looi as you join Hash Heaven Harriers with your preprocessor Alex the Bear your co founder of the Malaysian Hash Council. ONON!

by Allan Chee

"The late Looi Nai Boon was introduced to the hash fraternity by his teaching colleaques and attended his first run as a guest with Kota Melaka HHH on 25.5.1979. On 29.6.1979 he became a member and was baptised as “Grumpy Looi”. He was elected to the Committee as an Assistant Hash Cash in 1980. Not satisfied with hashing once a week, he then joined Malacca HHH and became their member and was elected as On Sec in 1985. On 1.9.1980 he and 3 others founded Batang Melaka HHH and was their first On Sec." Hope the above will complete your write up of late Looi.

by Tora Tan On Sec

Kota Melaka HHH

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