Malaysian Hash Nash

Malaysian Nash Hash History of Events


The Interhash 1998 Organising Committee promoted and sponsored the formation of the Malaysian Hash Council (MHC) and the 1st Malaysian Nash Hash (MNH) in line with the strategy to unite all the Malaysian Hash chapters and help raise funds.

The MNH however evolved into a much awaited Nash event but still with the purpose of raising funds  to finance our bid to host the Interhash in 1998.

The 1st Malaysian Nash Hash was held from 12th – 14th January, 1996 at the Cobra Club, Petaling Jaya. A total of 900 hashers from 75 chapters throughout the country participated in this historic event.

The Chairman, Alex ‘The Bear’ Thomas in his address, welcomed all hashers to this historic 1st Malaysian Nash Hash which yet again gives us another opportunity to meet and greet old aquaintances and to foster new friendships in and with the spirit of hash.

Thereafter, the the Nash Hash which imbibed the spirit, fellowship and camaderie of fellow hashers throughout Malaysia was not only a much awaited event but also continued to serve as a fund raising activity for the running of the MHC.

As a fund raiser of the MHC, 30% of the profits from the Nash Hash were chanelled to the coffers of the MHC.  As time went by and hasher’s IQ going above 40, profits dwidled. The MHC then introduced a participation fee of RM5.00 for each participating hasher. In addition, for the first time a Nash Hash Charter for the Nash Hash was approved at the 10th B.G.M in Penang for adoption at the 11th Nash Hash Ipoh in Ipoh.

The Charter was initiated in order to ensure that hashers obtain good value for money and that the event be rotated  to every state. The host chapter has to abide and undertake a standard list of activities for the event and also pay a deposit of RM5,000.00. The details of the Nash Hash Charter is listed in Attachment1.

The host for Year 2020 is Tanjung Petri H3. So far all states with the exception of Perlis, Kelantan & Trengganu have hosted the Malaysian Nash Hash.

1996, 1st Malaysian Nash Hash, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

1998, 2nd Malaysian Nash Hash, Langkawi, Kedah

2000, 3rd Malaysian Nash Hash, Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan

2002, 4th Malaysian Nash Hash, Penang

2004, 5th Malaysian Nash Hash, Malacca

2006, 6th Malaysian Nash Hash, Sandakan, Sabah

2008, 7th Malaysian Nash Hash, Langkawi, Kedah

2010, 8th Malaysian Nash, Klang, Selangor

2012, 9th Malaysian Nash Hash, Penang

2014, 10th Malaysian Nash Hash , Sibu, Sarawak

2016, 11th Malaysian Nash Hash, Ipoh, Perak

2018, 12th Malaysian Nash Hash, Raub, Pahang

2020, 13th Malaysian Nash Hash, Johor Bahru, Johor

Attachment 1


  1. The Malaysian Nash Hash is the National Hash event for Malaysia held biennially under the auspices of the Malaysian Hash Council.
  2. The MNH is to coincide with the Biennial General Meeting of the MHC which is held before 30th June every alternate year (eg. 2018,2020, 2022).
  3. The Organising Chapter (OC) must be an affiliate of the MHC.
  4. The OC Must:
    • have been active for the last 3 years
    • have been running weekly or at least once a month
    • have organised at least 1 celebration run in the last 3 years
  5. The following details together with the Letter of Undertaking is to be submitted for the Bid:
    • Background/experience of the hashers/hash chapter who are bidding to be the OC.
    • Proposed details of the Run, venue, program, goody bag, availability of acomodation,transport arrangements, etc.
  6. A deposit of RM5,000.00 to be paid to the MHC prior to the bid. If the bid fails, the deposit will be refunded. The deposit of the successful bidder will however be retained by the MHC as its share at the rate of RM5.00 out of the registration fee of each participant on the basis thatthere will be not less than 1,000 participants for the Nash Hash.
  7. Upon winning the Bid, the OC must immediately set up a website for dissemination of the details of the Nash Hash with updates from time to time.
  8. All promotional items eg. backdrop, banners, buntings, magazines, etc. are to bear the MHC logo.
  9. The program is to include the following:
    • 1st Day  – Welcome Dinner
    • 2nd Day – Runs – Short, Medium Long, Ball Breaker
    • 3rd Day – B.G.M. & Recovery Run with light lunch & refreshments.
  10. The opening registration fee will not be more than RM150.00 (number of registrations is at the discretion of the OC). After the early bird registration, fees may be raised gradually with periods spaced out equally up to a maximum of RM300.00.
  11. Information of other related activities i.e. Red Dress Charity Run, Pre/Post-Amble Runs, etc.
  12. The OC will make the necessary arrangements for the B.G.M. of the Malaysian Hash Council.
  13. The OC is to allocate 1 pages for the MHC and 1 page for the MHC’s Chairman message in the souvenir magazine.
  14. The audited accounts for the MNH is signed-off by an external auditor and furnished to the MHC within 3 months of the event.

MNH Magazine Covers