Butterworth Hash House Hazards

Name of Chapter: Butterworth Hash House Hazards PPM-003-06102016

Address: 48, Lorong Kelasah 3, Taman Kekasah, 13700, Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang

Men only hash, Founded on 01/04/1993, run on Monday at 6.00pm.

Hotline: 012-481 5851


Grand Hazard: Khoo Kay Hoe
 Hash Name: Pow Toh

HP: 012 481 5851
Email: vipkhoo@gmail.com

On Sec: Teh Yew Heng 
HP No: 012 – 422 8840

HP: yewhengteh@gmail.com

Inter Hazards: Chong Boon Ee
Hash Name: Super Tanker 
HP: 012 431 9109
Email:  stanker1862@gmail.com

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