P. J. Hash House Harriers (Animales)

Name of Chapter: P.J. Hash House Harriers (Animales)

Address: P.O. Box 12614, 50784 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: Toda

HP No: 016 – 361 7763

Men only hash, Founded on March 1977 by Tony “Toda” Herman, Alex “The Bear” & Allan C. Bye, run on Monday at 6.00pm.


GM: Manjeet Singh a/l Autar Singh

Hash Name: Sodamn

HP No: 012 – 299 9601

Email: manjeet_kms@yahoo.co.uk

On-Sec: Kevin Raj

Hash Name: Sumo

HP No: 016 – 330 6783

Email: kevin.raj.simon@gmail.com

On-Cash: Jeffri Davidson

Hash Name: Celup

HP No: 019- 358 2425

Email: jeffri.davidson@gmail.com

Inter Hash On-Sec: Lakhbir Singh

Hash Name: Cicken Shit

HP No: 019 – 336 2788

Email: chakaday@gmail.com

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