Taiping Lake Hash House Harriers & Harriets


Taiping Lake Hash House Harriers & Harriets

Chapter Address: No 32, 1st Floor, Market Road, 34000 Taiping, Perak.
Chapter Contact Person: N. Moganarajan AKA Jackpot
Chapter Contact Number: 019-5556133
Chapter Email Address: taipinglake4h@gmail.com
Website URL: https://www.facebook.com/taipinglake

AGM Date/Month: Before February 2018
Chapter Type: mixed
Weekly Run Details: Every Tuesday – 17.45PM

Other Information: 
Taiping Lake (4H), located in the Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, commenced in 2003. It is a mixed club that runs on Tuesday evening at 5.45pm.We have about 60 – 65 regulars. Guest and New members welcome. You’ll Never Ever Know if You Never Ever Go !!


GM Name: N. Moganarajan
GM Hash Name: Jackpot
GM Contact Number: 019-5556133
GM Email Add: gmmogan@gmail.com


On-Sec Name: Manjit Singh
On-Sec Hash Name: Hockey Stick
On-Sec Contact Number: 016-2097565
On Sec Email Add: manjitpsgrewal@yahoo.com


Treasurer Name: Tan Siew Lin
Treasurer Hash Name: Custom Tan
Treasurer Contact Number: 012-5221893
Treasurer Email Add: custom_tsl@yahoo.com

Inter-Hash Sec Name: K.Vinod
Inter-Hash Sec Hash Name: Sound Track
Inter-Hash Contact Number: 012-560 7315
Inter-Hash Email Add: vinodthen@yahoo.com

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