Mount Kiara H4 CSR Program – Food Bank Project

Mount Kiara H4
Food bank – Setapak Lucky Restaurant

The Pandemic COVID-19 has presented us with a monumental challenge, taking a mental, physical and economic toll on people around the world. In Malaysia, we have reached almost 1,299,767 cases and over 11,162 deaths. We are now in a critical period with a consistently high number of new daily cases and a great need for continued vaccination and vigilance of the population.

We understand that people are overwhelmed and tired – tired of not being able to sustain financial security or work, gather with friends and family, to travel, celebrate and observe special moments, or go about life as usual. We all feel fatigue, frustration and uncertainty, but we must stay strong, focused and keep working collectively to suppress transmission, save lives, and defeat COVID-19.

We at MKH4 had a meeting and discussed on we came up with the idea of FOOD BANK. The Committees and members have decided to extend our hands to help those in dire straits and B40 group by setting up Food Bank Centres.

  1. Lucky Star Food Court Setapak on 11/7/2021 from 11am till 2pm we have successfully given out groceries for about 500 people.
  2. Lucky Star Food Court Setapak on 8/6/2021 from 11am till 1.00pm we have successfully given out groceries for about 300 people.

We hope to continue in support and please do join us helping others. For more information, please contact our Organising Chairman- Ultraman at 19-2125352.

Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Healthy

Thank You.

Dato’Nadaraja aka Rojak Grandmaster

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